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  1. TinyCake


    پیش 16 ساعت

    He moan when he went in the fire scared the sh*t out of jay

  2. HindWood


    پیش روز

    *Flickerining* _As I concerned_ Lovely choice of words

  3. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez

    پیش روز

    26:00 I thought the voice actor said that not you that was good

  4. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez

    پیش روز

    8:28 This is a stealth horror game which I could probably do

  5. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez

    پیش روز

    the carpet inside the blockbuster looks cool

  6. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez

    پیش روز

    1:44 same

  7. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez

    پیش روز

    1:40 Is that how many light switches were actually in the store

  8. Nick Lopez

    Nick Lopez

    پیش روز

    The monster for the blockbuster game looks like what’s inside the tape a bunch of that black roll of film

  9. Mattea Arroyo

    Mattea Arroyo

    پیش روز

    I died laughing at 23:48🤣

  10. Mattea Arroyo

    Mattea Arroyo

    پیش روز

    Does anyone else’s dogs start barking really loud out of nowhere when it gets really quite

  11. ‌

    پیش 2 روز

    I love how Jay is always happy every intro of the video

  12. Himiko Yumeno

    Himiko Yumeno

    پیش 3 روز

    Ok so this is off topic but, I MET SOMEONE WHO SHIPS MONOKUMA WITH SANS WHY- THEY SHOULD SHIP HIM WITH SONIC 😡😡😡🐀🐀🐀👋👋😩😩😩😩😩👿👿👿👿👿👋

  13. XLR198 XLR198

    XLR198 XLR198

    پیش 3 روز

    Jay: *plays The Flare* Maze Runner fans: 🤭🤭

  14. Azziah Stratton

    Azziah Stratton

    پیش 4 روز

    Jay:I CAN PROMISE YOU WERE GONNA HAVE SOME FUN me:Welp you kept your promise

  15. EXTRAordinary.


    پیش 5 روز


  16. Adri Csóti

    Adri Csóti

    پیش 5 روز

    that crying sound was the same one as SCP-096's and Im sitting there like 👁👄👁 I was prepared for a jumpscare

  17. Chloe Wright

    Chloe Wright

    پیش 8 روز

    his intro levels eminem

  18. Andy_07


    پیش 10 روز

    0:50 when jay was reading the letter , then he laughed. Is it just me or did he sound like Monokuma there . Love Jays video and will always

  19. Livia


    پیش 10 روز

    is that... Kamukura's hair?

  20. ØDying_InsiØ xD

    ØDying_InsiØ xD

    پیش 11 روز

    Blockbusters closed down when I was like 6,I remember we got to keep two movies because we didn't return the movies before it closes down.sad we can't just go up to a glass wall and return a movie box,along with pick out any movie from a shelf

  21. TheDarkness980


    پیش 11 روز

    I never went to blockbusters but i did have a couple movies from them

  22. Serena Tsukino

    Serena Tsukino

    پیش 11 روز

    At 2:55, I was thinking of the SpongeBob song when Jay said "ripped my pants", and after he started to sing the song I smiled. We were thinking the same thing!

  23. LilMsDarling


    پیش 11 روز

    Ah yes, good ol' Jay never changed a single bit, luv it 👌

  24. mini t

    mini t

    پیش 12 روز

    20:15 I can't jay ur face expression is wholsom 😭🤚⚰

  25. Christina Spiridou

    Christina Spiridou

    پیش 12 روز

    Sick with covid and in bed this helps me power through ❤️

  26. Kanely Ambersons

    Kanely Ambersons

    پیش 12 روز

    Ur hilarious

  27. Riley_TheIdiotDemon._.


    پیش 13 روز

    hi Jay! i have a request for a game! maybe you know it, or you have already played it. the game name is 'we become what we behold' it takes five (maybe more) minutes. it's an innocent game, where you have to take pictures of people, but it has a twist at the end... if anyone else is reading this, try it out! have a nice day :)

  28. KenziePlayz YT

    KenziePlayz YT

    پیش 14 روز

    Is it just me or the monster in the second game looks like Ennard from Fnaf Sister Location

  29. Austin Wong

    Austin Wong

    پیش 14 روز

    17:08 ……………..

  30. doyoungjam


    پیش 16 روز


  31. OgSexSells__


    پیش 16 روز

    I used to have a box tv and I was born in 2007, I loved watching DVD's and VHS tapes. I remember having some of my favorite movies on them. When I'm older, I wish to get a VHS and DVD player so I can watch them again :)

  32. NerdyViolaPlayer 687

    NerdyViolaPlayer 687

    پیش 17 روز

    I literally have a VHS tv and a bunch of video cassettes at home. Though some people don't care about them anymore, I still love and watch them. Anyone else still has a VHS tv and cassettes?

  33. Alex Norray

    Alex Norray

    پیش 17 روز

    Everybody get ready and buckle cuz here we go ✌️😌 never gets old man 👊👊

  34. sand


    پیش 19 روز


  35. Zerra


    پیش 19 روز

    Seeing Jay smile a lot in the intro made me smile

  36. • My Channel  •

    • My Channel •

    پیش 20 روز

    Please notice me i am a fan pls

  37. Sinful Cow

    Sinful Cow

    پیش 20 روز

    Its good to know after 3 months of boot camp and 2 months of itb i can come back and watch everything ive missed on leave. It feels like im starting where i left off. Hell yeah jay keep making worthwhile content!

  38. Princess Lola

    Princess Lola

    پیش 21 روز

    For the first game the TV on the desk I know what that is I had one in my room(no I ain't from them 1900's lol)it was in my basement when I moved and now idk where it is since I moved again

  39. Space Cow

    Space Cow

    پیش 21 روز

    Jay! Please please please play the game Death trips! It's the best scary game please you will not regret it! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  40. starw1tch sammy

    starw1tch sammy

    پیش 22 روز

    i remember my dad taking me to blockbuster and we’d rent movies and watch them. good memories.

  41. LittleTouhouFairy


    پیش 24 روز

    The thing in the first game reminds me of the black smoke from LOST.

  42. LittleTouhouFairy


    پیش 24 روز

    I’m one of the youngsters and I used to watch VHS tapes. But we moved and just got rid of the tape player. It’s sad.

  43. Mbs7 Animates

    Mbs7 Animates

    پیش 24 روز

    I'm 18 but I know what blockbuster is and I love it

  44. Tyeoun Bailey

    Tyeoun Bailey

    پیش 24 روز

    i remember blockbuster

  45. 🐾Emma🐾


    پیش 24 روز

    Jays voice is higher than my grades 😂😂😂

  46. Alan Gallagher

    Alan Gallagher

    پیش 24 روز

    He heart every comment is he gonna heart my comment? Some comments don't have heart

  47. Valentina Elao

    Valentina Elao

    پیش 25 روز

    The warning though .. 🥺ty jay

  48. Kodi •&•

    Kodi •&•

    پیش 25 روز

    I believe there's still one Blockbusters left.

  49. mars bar

    mars bar

    پیش 25 روز

    24:58 why does he sound like murdoc from gorillaz here AKJFSHSKJDF

  50. Smol Bean Sky

    Smol Bean Sky

    پیش 26 روز

    Havent had service in months to watch IRface or anything and JAY THAT DUDE gotta be the first person I go to ✋🏼❤️

  51. Kota Yoda

    Kota Yoda

    پیش 26 روز

    Kind of irrelevant but the video is 30:30 long

  52. Quimz Family

    Quimz Family

    پیش 26 روز

    yo jay! how are you its been a while since i've watched your video's beacause i've been studying sorry, but can you tell me how are ya? 👉😀👉📚

  53. Oh No!

    Oh No!

    پیش 26 روز

    2:50 Why end with no one is a lot less fun than a burn from the sun or sand in your buns

  54. Cutie Oui

    Cutie Oui

    پیش 26 روز

    We still had two of those tv's in my grandparents' house and it still works..

  55. Jay😧


    پیش 26 روز

    Jays been throught a lot of horror games anyways 😕💔🙏

  56. Lazy Days

    Lazy Days

    پیش 26 روز

    This video really made me think that jay is real old what the hell are mlockbusters???😭😭

  57. Steven Webster

    Steven Webster

    پیش 26 روز


  58. mandy m

    mandy m

    پیش 27 روز

    i want him to be successful and get big but i’m also really happy with the channel being on the smaller side cuz then he reads all our comments 🌚👍🏻

  59. Tiger Wolf

    Tiger Wolf

    پیش 27 روز

    I feel like I've seen Jay play that last game before. Maybe it was someone else?

  60. Sky Blue

    Sky Blue

    پیش 27 روز


  61. souless-sneaks


    پیش 27 روز

    ily Jay💕

  62. Alexandria Rose

    Alexandria Rose

    پیش 27 روز

    Tell me I wasn't the only one singing along with Jay to the Spongebob ripped pants song 😂

  63. ᗰarluna


    پیش 27 روز

    11:46 Jay gets scared when the character coughed lol

  64. Art Sahatqija

    Art Sahatqija

    پیش 28 روز

    I loved Good Night Babby (Bobby)The longest man in the world

  65. Kaneki- Juuzou

    Kaneki- Juuzou

    پیش 28 روز

    I literally can’t believe that this MAN isn’t hitting 10M like bro HE DESERVES SO MUCH BETTER I SWEAR ON MY LIFE

  66. E ᴍ ᴍ ʏ

    E ᴍ ᴍ ʏ

    پیش 28 روز


  67. E ᴍ ᴍ ʏ

    E ᴍ ᴍ ʏ

    پیش 28 روز

    👹👹👹👹👹👹 DEMON

  68. Dardan TV

    Dardan TV

    پیش 28 روز

    Bro get my man to 10mil tf

  69. Danya Asuka

    Danya Asuka

    پیش 28 روز

    He’s so great with these games-!! I still dream he continues playing SCP:CB ♥️♥️♥️

  70. Freya S

    Freya S

    پیش 28 روز

    I remember when I was like 4 years old and walking down the street to a blockbuster... good times

  71. Danganronpa And Anime

    Danganronpa And Anime

    پیش 28 روز

    When jay started sing the spongebob “I ripped my pants” Song I thought of the same thing when he said “It sounded like I ripped my pants”

  72. Bre_plays 101

    Bre_plays 101

    پیش 28 روز

    Bro, I'm never on time, but I'm glad to be here qwq

  73. Yumeko


    پیش 28 روز

    I Miss Spelled that LOL

  74. Yumeko


    پیش 28 روز

    Dude as a kid i always used to Go to Blokbuster

  75. ——————


    پیش 28 روز

    What happened to ur hair?

  76. killeronyourcashd


    پیش 29 روز

    Jay: MockBuster Me: But the name is Blockbuster

  77. Skrata du De fluradu

    Skrata du De fluradu

    پیش 29 روز

    no one: literally no one: Jay when the game lets him hide inside the lockers: WHY

  78. Laksha lakki

    Laksha lakki

    پیش 29 روز

    16:20 Dude ur voice acting here-.. lmfaoo!! im wheezing. u sound like one of those boys from harry potter...

  79. sad simpʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    sad simpʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    پیش 29 روز

    Ngl the intro is always in my Head 😌✋

  80. Nini Media

    Nini Media

    پیش 29 روز

    Ok I see you with the flash warning Jay!

  81. Youtuber Grudge

    Youtuber Grudge

    پیش 29 روز

    "You stay there, don't move." Reminds me of a joke I heard once; a guy gets in a cab, the driver doesn't say anything to his passenger, eventually he taps him on the shoulder only for the driver to panic. 'I'm sorry, I'm not used to my passengers talking. I was a mortuary driver for the last 10 years. ' Not the best joke but whatever.

  82. Katt Fire

    Katt Fire

    پیش 29 روز

    I remember when I was younger my uncle and I used to go to Blockbusters and he'd usually let me pick out a movie and 90% of the time it was a Barbie movie. I think I tortured him with how many times I watched Barbie. I do miss doing that now, mainly because it's fun to annoy your relatives.

  83. Youtuber Grudge

    Youtuber Grudge

    پیش 29 روز

    Ah yes, the good ol days of VHS. Mockbluster was one of my favorite stores for VHS and DVDs until Netflix got popular. Then everything went to streaming services. Still have the same problem, so many choices but nothing to watch. XD Through, did like the option of buying my old favorites..

  84. Evangeline Cole

    Evangeline Cole

    پیش 29 روز

    Why did Jay have a ascent when Jay read and says Emily’s letter. It sounded like he had a British ascent.

  85. Slimegaming


    پیش 29 روز


  86. Yuni Lewis

    Yuni Lewis

    پیش 29 روز

    Happy Eid Mubarak kubz Scouts! Hope you're support the Muslims, stay safe!

  87. xXTrustTheDawg09


    پیش 29 روز


  88. xXTrustTheDawg09


    پیش 29 روز

    💪🤡💪 🦵🍆🦵

  89. xXTrustTheDawg09


    پیش 29 روز

    Kpop is butt

    • xXTrustTheDawg09


      پیش 29 روز

      Cancel me on Twitter

  90. xXTrustTheDawg09


    پیش 29 روز

    Doodoo butter

  91. xXTrustTheDawg09


    پیش 29 روز

    I eat kids papi chulo

  92. Ruby Ann Jimenez

    Ruby Ann Jimenez

    پیش 29 روز

    Hell it's the auditor how did it escape maddnes combat where the hell is his halo?

  93. I ate that pie biss

    I ate that pie biss

    پیش 29 روز

    Jit done ordered these games on wish 😭✋

  94. Veties Gaming

    Veties Gaming

    پیش 29 روز

    9:46 he might be

  95. •Alexxa•


    پیش 29 روز

    {°•°i'm now taking over Jay's videos their just Too GOOD!•°•}

  96. XMgod08


    پیش 29 روز

    I went to block buster before and got a mega mind game

  97. Sweet Sensation_playz

    Sweet Sensation_playz

    پیش 29 روز

    Is it just me or does Jay sound like the old man from the Conjuring 2 time 24:58 to 25:15

  98. skid


    پیش 29 روز

    4.1 mil bb

  99. Emily Welch

    Emily Welch

    پیش 29 روز

    He really be quoting spongebob as the lights be flickering. 😂 I love your vids Jay! They always make me laugh.

  100. Anit B

    Anit B

    پیش 29 روز